Episode 13

Published on:

5th Mar 2024

NACCAP Conference 2024 Preview

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast hosts Phil Cook and Heidi Sturm talk with Dr. Marcus "Goodie" Goodloe, the keynote speaker for the upcoming NACCAP annual conference at Westmont College. From his roots in South Central Los Angeles to his esteemed academic and advisory roles, Dr. Goodloe brings a message of excellence and influence shaped by the teachings of Jesus. Phil, Heidi, and Dr. Goodloe explore the inspirational themes set to be unraveled at the conference, aiming to rekindle a passion for admissions professionals and educators.

Listen this week as Dr. Goodloe shares his vision for personal growth and leadership and the importance of aligning one’s character with the heart of God.

"I think insisting upon excellence should not just be about closing a deal or getting an applicant to sign on the dotted line. Insisting upon excellence should be about our recognition for who God has called us to be." -Dr. Marcus Goodloe [10:30]

What You Will Learn:

(01:07) Dr. Marcus Goodie Goodloe's background and role 

(08:01) Personal development and habits for success 

(10:30) Habits: Six Steps to the Art of Influence

(17:58) The unique role of faith institutions in reflecting the heart of God. 

(19:51) The power of storytelling in higher education and admissions. 

(22:41) NACCAP conference: an opportunity for reimagining and making a difference

(23:17) Leaving differently


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