Episode 14

Published on:

19th Mar 2024

NACCAP Conference 2024 Preview: Part 2

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast hosts Phil Cook and Heidi Sturm talk with Dean Wilson, a multifaceted professional with a rich history across various sectors, including finance, real estate, ministry, and media. Dean reflects on his past, including his tenure at Westmont College and his triumphant battle with addiction. He shares powerful lessons on resilience, hope, and the divine grace that guided his path to recovery and self-discovery. Phil, Heidi, and Dean discuss the transformative power of suffering when it is met with faith and perseverance. 

Join us this week from the NACCAP annual conference at Westmont College to hear more about Dean’s journey and the power of authentic storytelling.

"God is with you. He's going to be with you, and he's got a plan and a purpose and a larger story. The tough news is, that on planet Earth, you're going to encounter suffering. Get ready. It's not a boogeyman behind every bush, but there is suffering. Everybody is looking for the good life, but they go, well, how can it be good? Or they think, well, these Christians are just all perfect. And so, therefore, there's this wonderful, good, abundant life that includes suffering available with God and the person of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, amazing things can happen." -Dean Wilson [21:05]

What You Will Learn:

(01:49) Dean Wilson's college selection process 

(09:53) Good Life Television 

(14:28) Dean’s battle with alcohol addiction and his encounter with the mercy of God 

(17:47) The life-changing nature of suffering 

(22:08) The power of testimony

(25:13) Authenticity and the importance of going deep with God in times of suffering


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