Episode 7

Published on:

17th Mar 2023

The 2023 NACCAP Conference: The Power of Your Story with Chris Singleton

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, host Phil Cook speaks with Chris Singleton, a former professional athlete, an inspirational speaker, and a best-selling author. Chris has been sharing his story and a message of unity and racial reconciliation since the loss of his mother in a racially motivated mass shooting in 2017. Chris shares his journey of choosing forgiveness in response to the tragedy and how his faith has been strengthened. He also talks about the importance of sharing our personal stories, the power of activism, and how we can choose how we respond to what happens to us in life.

“I forgave my mother's killer early on. I used to always pray and ask God: ‘Why did you put forgiveness in my heart so quickly?’. I'm not a person that can just easily forgive and forget. I realize that I still have some work to be done on that, because it's hard for me to forget. But forgiveness set me free from wanting revenge. Forgiveness set me free from constantly being scared. The PTSD that I was struggling with, forgiveness freed me from so much. I know that the Holy Spirit put that in my heart.” - Chris Singleton [06:44]

What You Will Learn:

  • [2:05] Chris’ Career as a Professional Athlete 

  • [3:36] Chris’ Faith Journey and Education at Colorado State University

  • [5:04] Adversity and Resilience: Chris Singleton's Story

  • [8:36] Activism, Overcoming Adversity, and Faith

  • [9:17] Fatherhood and Leading Your Family

  • [12:42] Lessons from Baseball

  • [14:53] Impacting and Loving Others

  • [20:08] The Value of Sports and Adapting to Change

  • [30:19] Navigating Success and Faith

  • [33:39] Navigating Social Media as a Christian Family

  • [35:04] The 2023 NACCAP Annual Conference


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