Episode 11

Published on:

5th Jan 2024

NACCAP: 2023 in Review

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, we reflect on the NACCAP organization's achievements in 2023 and outline our plans for 2024. We discuss successful events, the launch of Wednesday webinars, and the amazing addition of Janet Pargeter to our team. We talk about the importance of research in Christian education and the continuation of NACCAP's primary research projects. We also announce our upcoming conference at Westmont College and the launch of ChristianGradSchools.com. Listen as we speak with Dr. Molly Smith and discuss the valuable contributions of retiring members.

“We're looking because there is a higher calling for what we're doing and a higher calling for what each of you is doing. So we commend you today, we encourage you today, we pray for you today, we are here to serve you and support your work in any way that we can. We're excited about 2024 and we thank you for listening today.” -Phil Cook [24:19]

What You Will Learn:

(01:06) The success and significance of college fairs

(03:44) 2023 Annual Conference 

(06:50) K-12 Membership 

(09:58) The Conference at Westmont 

(10:20) Spring College Fairs

(12:25) Announcement of the launch of ChristianGradSchools.com 

(20:11) Research Projects 

(21:24) Annual Benchmarking Study Explanation 


Visit our website: https://www.naccap.org

Email us: Office@naccap.org

Visit The NACCAP Annual Conference: https://naccapconference.org

Connect with Find Your Christian College: FindYourChristianCollege.com

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