Episode 9

Published on:

4th Sep 2023

FAFSA Changes with Ed Recker

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, host Phil Cook speaks with Ed Recker, Director of High School Relationship Management with Sallie Mae. Ed discusses the changes happening with the FAFSA and why it is undergoing significant changes to simplify the application process and integrate it with the IRS to automatically retrieve tax information. Ed shares why it is important to apply for an FSA ID, which acts as an electronic signature for federal financial aid documents. He encourages families to extend grace and patience to colleges and universities as they navigate the new FAFSA process and emphasizes the importance of searching for scholarships and leveraging resources to make higher education more affordable.

“Look under every rock. Start early and start often. Work with the resources you have. There are a lot of folks around who are willing to help you not only find those scholarships but really hone and refine those applications and those essays to make it the best you can, to be able to obtain as much free money as you can.” - Ed Recker [22:46]

What You Will Learn:

  • [03:54] Purpose of FAFSA changes: simplification and integration with IRS
  • [09:22] Steps to take before filing FAFSA: obtain FSA ID
  • [10:55] Advice for families as schools transition to new FAFSA process
  • [12:37] Be patient and extend grace during the new process
  • [20:38] Look for scholarships everywhere, start early, and apply often.
  • [26:00] Understanding new language in financial aid 
  • [28:00] Importance of utilizing high school counselors and universities


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