Episode 5

Published on:

15th Mar 2022

Coaching Your Athletic Student Through the Recruiting Process

In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, host Phil Cook speaks with Renee Lopez, author, speaker, trainer, and coach. As a seventeen-year coaching veteran, Renee is an expert in the college recruiting process, leadership training and team culture development. She shares why it’s important for the prospective student athlete to communicate with the college coaches and why Christian universities might be the right fit. She also discusses why parents and students should choose a college that passes the broken leg test.


“You want to choose a college that, first and foremost, passes the broken leg test. That means an academic fit, a social fit and a financial fit.” - Renee Lopez [12:34]


What You Will Learn:

  • [01:17] Questions that come up more frequently

  • [04:25] How important is social media for this process

  • [05:45] Ways to use the coaches to help with the next level

  • [09:39] Why Christian universities might be the right fit

  • [11:56] The broken leg test

  • [18:22] High school athletics vs college athletics

  • [22:26] Advice for families considering school internationally

  • [26:05] Remember to have fun

  • [28:13] Resources



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